Does the Packers Loss Kill the Discount Double Check?

After a thrilling Divisional round weekend of the NFL playoffs (which saw both Green Bay and New Orleans eliminated, ruining the marriages of thousands of degenerate gamblers), only one question comes to mind: Is this the end of the Discount Double Check?

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have a strict anti-commercial policy when watching live sports, you're familiar with the Discount Double Check (hereby referred to as the "DDC"). What started as an innocent State Farm ad featuring Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, quickly devolved into the white noise you hear for two and half-minutes every time there's a game break.

It quickly garnered a follow-up, featuring defensive lineman B.J. Raji, who is most famous for shaking his ass after scoring a touchdown versus the Bears last year. [1] While Raji's dance is undoubtedly hilarious, it too quickly wore out its welcome after being played 9,000 times every weekend.

But with the Packers being eliminated (along the Saints' Drew Brees and his Nyquil commercial--not linked, he just sleeps blah blah blah Nyquil), will we see a decline in DDC airtime? It's a legitimate question, as evidenced by Pepsi's recent gamble with Rex Ryan and the Jets being the focal point of a now rarely-aired Pepsi Max commercial. [2]

The Jets commercial began airing before they were eliminated from playoff contention, and seemed like a good idea: marketable team, marketable coach, it's a win-win. And then the Jets lost, and the ad got replaced by a pre-game pep talk from the head Pepsi vendor, which was going for laughs for the entire thirty seconds and managed to have only one joke land (the single tear shed near the end).

It's entirely possible the DDC is here to stay, as it focuses less on the Packers and more on Rodgers (and to a lesser extent, Raji--who steals the show). Even so, most of the audience watching will now associate Rodgers' playoff loss with the DDC ad. At the very least, it's something (else) to watch this weekend. You might even be able to play a drinking game with it (drinking every time it's on) and not passing out by the 8-minute mark of the first quarter.

[1] Raji's follow up:
[2] Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez try acting:


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