Land Rover: Have More Fun. Be Kind of a Dick About It

It's safe to say that Land Rover appeals those who appreciate the finer things in life. The long-standing line of luxury vehicles has stood as the pinnacle of class and elegance in an SUV, and as such, has earned a sterling reputation.

Unfortunately, their new commercial may contribute to another generalization: that their owners are dickheads.

The ad, which has a clear vision--that owning a Land Rover will enable you to have all sorts of crazy nature-related adventures--is definitely entertaining, even clever. Yet lost in the "you can do anything in this car" message is the behavior of the drivers.

Throughout the commercial, the young couple visits the laundromat/dry cleaners with loads of dirty (like, really fucking dirty) clothes, which they promptly throw on the counter and leave.

While taking dirty clothes to the cleaners is expected (it is the reason for their existence, after all), the lack of etiquette is not.

Let's hurry, I left the baby in the car with the windows rolled up.

The couple leaves clothes that are in various states of disarray with the cleaners, from sopping wet to covered in dirt to infested with large spiders (and God knows what else).

Seriously!? If I find another tarantula I?m throwing your clothes in the dumpster.

The poor owner leers out the window not because he wishes he could have weekend adventures in his new whip, but because those rude assholes left without paying their bill.

-Matthew Ludtke


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