An Open Letter to the Youtube Sports Community

Dear YouTube Sports Contributors,

It pains me to write this letter. As a frequent user of YouTube, specifically for the purposes of nostalgically reliving sports memories from as recently as last year, it almost feels inappropriate writing this. But I've finally reached my breaking point.

In the midst of NFL madness this weekend, I found myself reading an article on New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. Cruz, who's had a breakout season thanks to a couple very popular highlights (and, you know, speed, skill and all that crap) which were linked to in the article.

After watching a couple amazing clips-- seriously, the guy has scored ridiculous touchdowns from all over the field (99, 74, and 68 yard TDs to name a few), I clicked on one of the related videos, the same one posted above.

There are a couple problems with this video, which if you clicked on it before reading this, you probably closed before you even made it thirty seconds (I did--and was still angry enough to write this):

If you're posting a clip of a popular sporting event, don't do the whole "film the TV" thing. It looks awful, the sound gets fucked up (more on that later) and in approximately 20 minutes there's going to be a better version that everyone will watch anyway (baseball clips are exempt from this rule, as they are quickly pulled). No one needs to see your entertainment center on YouTube.

Save yourself the dislikes and general bad karma of posting a poor-quality video and go back to watching porn.

If the clip you're making is one or two plays, there is absolutely no need to add music. Just let the clip play with the original audio. No one cares about your music choice, it adds nothing and everyone will hate you.

This does not apply if the clip is a highlight reel of several different games/seasons/an entire career, although it's still better to just use the original audio.

Basically what I'm getting at is not everything needs to be posted. I realize YouTube is an open forum for everyone to post whatever they damn well please, but c'mon everyone, stop wasting each other's time with such awful clips.

We waste enough time watching stupid videos, why make us waste more sorting through shitty versions of clips we actually want to watch?


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