Andy Samberg Hosts Shark Week 2011

Shark Week 2011 officially began yesterday and just like every other year, we can look to Discovery to see some of the most badass shark attacks that have occurred since the last year.

Some people bash Shark Week. And to you, I say this:

What other animal should we dedicate a week to? What other animal is composed of a half ton or more of pure muscle and hundreds of razor sharp teeth? It's none other than these lean, mean, underwater killing machines. They will LITERALLY rip your face off. I’ve seen it done.

Their teeth alone have been used as weapons for thousands of years which is why their diet consists of anything they feel like eating. Seals, fish, people, pizza… whatever feels right. Between their knife-like teeth and insanely powerful bite, they can tear through just about anything with little to no effort at all.

Sharks will even go as far to eat their own kind. THEY EAT THEIR OWN RELATIVES. Can you say that you’ve ever eaten an aunt or a cousin? Probably not. Sharks are harder than you’ll ever be, so get used to it.

This year, Andy Samberg is the Chief Shark Officer...whatever that means. I assume he will demonstrate his vast knowledge of these amazing creatures while looking pretty and making jokes.


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