Close Shave, America. Ridiculous Commercial, Barbasol.

While it's entirely possible that I'm late to this, some commercials are just too ridiculous not to comment on. There may not be a better example of a commercial that elicits a "What the fuck did I just watch?" response better than Barbasol. Close shave, America. Close shave Barbasol.

For almost the entire thirty seconds, most viewers are either laughing uncontrollably, waiting for the Old Spice guy to pop out and make it clear that the commercial was trying to be funny, or sitting on their couches in a catatonic state, dumbfounded by what they just witnessed. All are completely justifiable.

While the jingle is the clear star of the show (America, you're looking good, handsome free & tall, close shave America, close shave Barbasol), the narrative cannot be overlooked.

A truck driver returns home after a seemingly routine trip, opens the door to an ill-lit house and a can of Barbasol on the table (complete with a note from his wife/girlfriend). This makes sense because the first thing I want to do after a long trip home is shave, and not, you know, eat something.

The scruffy truck driver quickly puts the Barbasol to good use, getting that close shave that all Americans apparently strive for. He reaches the bedroom just as his lady is lighting the last of the candles, and promptly moves in for an embrace.

This sequence of events brings up a couple of questions: had he refused to shave, would she let him in the bedroom (and presumably her pants)? Would she make the hobo (read: unshaven) version of her husband sleep on the couch? Is this a routine for every stop home? Does she always buy him a new can? Why is he shaving in the downstairs bathroom? Can't a man shave in his own bathroom? What is her phone number?

Any way you slice it, this commercial does not cease to amaze. It may not make a lick of sense, but the shameless tugging of 'Mercia's heartstrings must be doing something right: I just bought a years supply of the stuff. And I finally have a tune to sing every time I'm shaving.

Close shave, America. Close shave Barbasol.


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