Five Suggestions for Conan's Next Secret Cameo

Conan O'Brien's recent cameo on How I Met Your Mother set the Internet ablaze, so much so that the late night talk show host has been getting calls from everyone, looking to bolster their buzz rating with an appearance from America's favorite ginger.

Sure, O'Brien won the cameo during an auction for charity, but if there's one person in show business who knows you've got to strike while the iron is hot, it's Conan. HIMYM isn't his first wordless cameo, either. He's made appearances on The Office and SNL (though he wrote for SNL at the time), so it's not like he's completely opposed to the idea.

Plus, he's got Fridays off, so a cameo here and there is definitely feasible. Maybe he can bring Andy Richter, too. The options are endless (except Jersey Shore?his skin would be ravaged).

To ease Conan's (or his agent's) workload, we've decided to sift through the barrage of cameo offers and pick out the top five. Without further ado:

1. Jerry Springer/Maury Povich Security Guard

While I'm admittedly more of a Povich man myself (he's really trying to help these people!), either show works. Obviously, Conan won't be one of the frontline guards, his face is far too valuable to risk, especially in such a high volume area for flying elbows.

Instead, he'll hang out backstage, maybe the cameras will spot him posting up by the craft services table, eating Triscuits and talking to one of the non-fathers. Seems like a win-win. Plus, if he went on Springer, his street cred would definitely get a bump in the right direction.

2. Man vs. Food Crowd Member

Every time Adam Richman attempts a food challenge, there's always at least a few bystanders who take up his cause and cheer him to a potential victory (and intense indigestion). Why not sneak Conan in there?

He won't be one of the idiots who goes completely apeshit over the challenge; he?s watching a guy eat a massive sandwich, not saving someone from a burning building (gain some perspective, people). He also won't be a crowd member who speaks directly to the camera, or Richman himself. Instead, he'll just hover around in the back, not too excited, not noticeably depressed.

You know what? Let's re-negotiate. Instead of in the crowd, let's have him work at the restaurant. Not as one of the head honchos who shows Richman how they plan to kill him via overeating, but more in the mold of an angry busboy or something.

As lulls fall over the crowd (these challenges take time, they crowd can't be hyped ALL the time), Conan's dish cart will barrel around the restaurant, as loudly and obnoxiously as he can possibly push it.

Writing as a former busboy, you can be as loud as you want and no one will give a shit. Except your boss, maybe. But let's not get caught up in that.

Have you seen this man? Because you're about to. Everywhere.

3. Walking Dead Zombie

This one is going to push our DVR skills to the next level. Only appearing in a large pack of zombies, O'Brien will not be favored by the cameras, instead remaining mostly anonymous for his entire appearance.

He won't have any one-on-one showdowns with any of the survivors, instead taking the smart approach to being a zombie: let someone else make the first move, then just join in when the feeding frenzy has already started.

While the heavy makeup will alter his appearance, his shiny red hair and bright orange, slightly tattered CONAN t-shirt will alert diligent viewers (read: super nerds).

4. Glee Jock/Opposing Singer

Conan?s got serious musical chops, so this one might be a no-brainer. While he wouldn't actually sing, he could probably pass for a slushy-wielding or member of a rival glee club. Besides, it's not like they develop any characters outside the main group, right?

Either that or he can dye his hair blonde and be a stand in for Jane Lynch. Worst case scenario: mute janitor who just wants to express himself through song. Whatever the gleeks prefer.

5. Tonight Show Host

Shit. Unfortunately, looks like he already did this one. Sorry, CoCo. We love you.

For the record, I was thisclose to making this one Cee Lo's cat, but we've beaten that drum enough this week. Seriously though, how amazing would it be to watch Cee Lo hold a resting Conan in his arms for the duration of the show?

Well, there you have it. Keep your eyes peeled to the backdrop of your favorite shows for a tall, slightly disheveled redhead, because he's not an ordinary ginger, he's Conan O'Brien!

Plus, if this new career path pans out, he'll be more than just a late night talk show host. He'll become some sort of 21st century Waldo, hiding in the background of all our favorite television shows. Godspeed, Conan. Godspeed.


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