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From "Tigers Love Pepper." 9/30/11 9:22pm
"ben, is that your real name? you can do better than that. Ima help ya out right now. your name is angelo. angelo, thank you so much for coming out. get a thicker tie. it looks weird on you, makes your head look like a fish. secondly, I don't know where the paperwork is, but when you find it, can you take care of it for us. we don't have any pens because we're afraid its going to leak on our shirts. lastly, I hate the name angelo, I'm going to switch it up for ya right now, your new nickname is....jello shots. whaddya think about that j-shot?"
From Katie Bailey 8/2/11 10:07pm
yeah, no, listen I don't like all this negativity man. why don't you turn that frizz-own upsi-dizzy, eh?
From That's What She Said! 5/30/11 9:05pm
Let?s seal this devil?s three-way right here, right now. Step one, we buy into this club. Step two, we roll over to the club either in your Mercedes Benz or my pre-owned Acura Legend. Step three, I dagger you on the dance floor.
From Brandon Walsh 5/30/11 8:39pm
I hope you have a change of clothes, because your eyes are about to piss tears...