Let's Move! Gives a Thumbs Up to Deception, as Long as Kimmy Sheds Pounds

To be clear, the Let's Move! organization has its work cut out for it. Michelle Obama and co. are trying to help curb America's childhood obesity problems, and apparently, they're willing to do it by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

In addition to starting several programs, having a website with tons of guidelines/tips on how to keep your piglet from plumping up too much (like suggesting an hour of activity a day'something that should be obvious but clearly isn't), Let's Move! has also ventured into the world of commercials.

Unfortunately, their ads tend to send a bit of a mixed message. Take, for instance, the clip above, which features the worst mom in the world.

Apparently, being a totally manipulative, deceptive parent is okay, as long as it's in an effort to shave off a few pounds from Sarah the pudgemonster.

Instead of ordering her daughter on a wild goose chase from room to room in search of her purse (for a fucking dollar!) when in reality it's RIGHT in front of her, perhaps she could, I don't know, join her daughter on a bike ride, or a walk, or go play basketball, or go send her outside with the neighbor kids.

Be a parent, lady--not a manipulative bitch. Keep this shit up, and your daughter is going to start hating you before she turns 12.

It's hard to imagine that when they pitched this ad, there were other options that were even worse. Someone decided that this was the BEST idea to develop and sure enough, it's on television. C'mon Mrs. Obama, you're better than this.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6utraKblMw

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From RAchael CUde 2/14/12 5:35pm
Hilarious! I'm going to write a paper about this for my Persuasion class.