The Personalities of Pinterest

The Personalities of Pinterest

When the World Wide Web was graced by the creation of StumbleUpon several years ago, millions of Internet-addicted individuals around the globe united over one, massive, e-boner.

Then, Pinterest came. And so did everyone else when they discovered it.

For those of you who have hobbies that take place outside of the computer, Pinterest is a website that allows users to create a “virtual pinboard” (you “pin” things you’re interested in, often organized by sub-categories that other users who follow you can see).

Ooooh. Aaaaah.

The site itself is also split up into numerous categories (Food & Drink, DIY, Fashion, etc.), and choosing one of these categories will lead you to an ever-scrolling page full of thumbnails that display a picture/infographic that is related to the category in some way.


From there, you visit websites that those pictures/infographics/what-the-fuck-evers came from, and pin the things you like, then other people can see what you pinned and re-pin if they also like it.

OK, you get the gist of it.

So, anyway, as you probably could have assumed, women love this shit. Some men. Most (all) women. Why? Because there's just SO much to look at. And thus, without further ado, I present to you:

The Personalities of Pinterest

The I-can't-wait-to-craft-all-of-these-things-I'm-never-going-to-craft

::Looking through Pinterest's DIY & Crafts::

Crayons melted into art? That is SO creative. I have to try that. I better bookmark it. Man, can't wait to try that.

...Wait a second. You can make a candle out of a lemon? No fucking way. I'll believe it when I see it! Better bookmark that one too.

3 hours later

A VASE out of a TREE STUMP? I'll believe it when I tree it! I need to get to Michael's to get all of these supplies.

Or maybe I should just keep looking a little longer. Just in case...I, uh, need more supplies.

The I-know-I'll-never-get-married-or-achieve-any-of-these-things-so-I'm-just-going-to-pretend

Looks through Pinterest's Women's Apparel, Wedding & Events, Design, and probably others Ohhh myyy goddd. I have to call Lauren. Lauren would not believe this dress. What if this woman made this dress? Why don't I make anything? I should make things. I wonder what kind of DIY projects are on here...

Aha! I recognize that armoire. I pinned that weeks ago! I remember because I put it in "Things I Want, But Will Never Have :("

The I've-decided-to-be-a-chef-because-all-of-this-food-looks-stupidly-delicious

Cookie Dough Oreo Cupcake Cake Brownies? And it's the best recipe I'll ever try? Well, I guess I better save this if it's really the best. Holy shit. There's a recipe here for... Kiwi Mango Quinoa Salad. You had me at Quinoa. And 15 grams of protein? That's just ludicrous.

I'll eat it for dinner and bring it for lunch. All week. This is fantastic.


So, basically, Pinterest is a place for people to find all of the things they'd like to have and do and share them with other people if they had the means or energy to get and do those things.

Well, sounds like America.

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