Top 10 Worst Ways to Start a Sentence

Top 10 Worst Ways to Start a Sentence

10). "You probably had to be there, but..."

It was totally hilarious when it happened!

9). "Not to be racist, but..."

I don't really like how those kinds of people smell.

8). "I didn't know it was an STD until..."

Well, I guess until they told me it was Syphilis.

7). "I wouldn't call it a fetish, but..."

Yeah, I suppose that's really all you can call it.

6). "I've never told anyone this, but..."

I like to put little wigs on my ding dong.

5). "I can't tell if that's a girl or a dude, but..."

But, what? If this sentence doesn't end weird, it's going to end mean. And butch girls have feelings too.

4). "We need to talk..."

I've been meaning to tell you something about myself, dad.

3). "I didn't want you to find out this way..."

But I bang people for free chicken. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

2). "I had this really weird dream last night..."


1). I hate to do this to you, but..."

I'm finna do it anyway! Awww yeah!

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